About Me

This is me. My name is Tricia Suba. Thank-you for being a part of my journey.

I was a long time blogger at triciasfrugalfinds.com. However after 5 years I had to put aside my love for blogging to be the best mom I could be. My girls are both very active in school and after school activities and it was my time to be the chauffeur, counseler, chef, personal assistant, banker and more. You know all those Mom jobs we love to do 🙂

By writing this site, I hope to help you save money on frugal tips and tricks. I don’t have a magic formula but I have managed our family’s well being for 14+ years and along the way through the good and bad, have learned maybe one or two things.

My personal goal is to:

  • Share and post money saving ideas
  • Share and post savings and coupon matchups for Tops Friendly Markets
  • Share my mom adventures
  • Build a community and have fun.

Blogging is a passion of mine. I truly love sharing money saving ideas whether that be coupons, grocery store matchups, or on-line shopping.

I am a wife of 14+ years and a mom of two gorgeous girls. My family is also a big reason why I love to blog. It’s our goal to give our girls the best chance to live am amazing life. It’s not easy, it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. Come along with me on this journey and hopefully we can all share parenting tips and ideas to make the jouney a little bit easier.

I can’t wait to meet all of you in the crowded on-line world.